Custom Climbing Walls  


There are many factors that go into the price of a wall. This page is designed to give you a rough idea of how we bid our walls. Your actual price will be determined after a detailed study of your requirements.

  • Area - Total vertical area of the climbing surfaces.
  • Height - Height of the wall, or heights of the different sections.
  • Complexity of Wall - How much of the design has flat features? How many simple curves? How many complex curves?  Complex curves increase the cost, but are very aesthetic and make great climbing surfaces.  Most of our climbing walls have different combinations of each design. 
  • Pads - Pad are different for bouldering, top rope, and lead areas. 
  • Holds - Dependent on expected demographic and usage.
  • Ropes, Harnesses, and Shoes - Dependent on wall size and expected quantity and type of usage.
  • Additional equipment - Variable needs.
  • Route Setting Service - Size of wall and number of resets per year. 

Vertical Solutions is a climbing wall manufacturer that provides climbing wall design, climbing wall construction, and business model and operational consultation for climbing gyms..




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